Being a Good Person

Being a Good Person


This talk should come both at the end of a semester and whenever you complete the Pyramid.

By this point the mentors and students should have been repeating the various ‘take away” lines for several weeks and should have them memorized.

Mentor Student Discussion

Mentors and students should review each of the pyramid’s topics and briefly discuss each of the “Take away lines”.

Group Discussion

PD should ask students and mentors to tell the group their favorite virtue and why.

Program Director should ask for student and mentor volunteers to see who can recite all the take away lines, in order. Check with the Teacher Facilitator before hand to see if small candy treats may be given as rewards.

After several students have tried to run the list, PD should lead the entire class in reciting all the lines, in order.


PD should remind everybody about the importance of being a good person. Whether they are rich or poor, good people are happy people. 

Things may not always go their way, it never does for anyone, but good people always have the satisfaction of knowing that they have done right by others and by themselves, and that provides a happiness that no one can take away.


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