Character Talks


Throughout the semester a series of group and individual character talks are examined to stimulate thought and open discussion.

Mentors will be given an outline of character talks by the Program Director. The purpose of the outline is to focus the discussion, not all points of the outline need to be addressed.

During the individual sessions mentors should begin by asking the students what they think the topic is about, then give their own input, including personal experiences and try asking their students some practical questions about the topic.

These discussions will be simple and friendly and mentors should try giving students practical advice as to how to practice this virtue.

Group discussions are led by the Program Director and begin by asking students to tell the group something about the topic, now that they have had time to think about it.

The Program Director should be encouraging of student’s responses but also careful to correct mistakes.

To conclude the group discussion the Program Director is encouraged to highlight 2-3 key points and then summarize them with a short “take away” phrase that is clear and easy to remember

Session should close by asking everybody to repeat, in order, all the previous “take away” lines.

The Order of Basic Talks

Additional Talks

Talks Under Development

  • Dressing for Respect and not attention
  • Respecting your Body
  • Goal Setting
  • Study Habits
  • Dealing with Failure

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