Doing Your Best

Doing Your Best

  • Introduction
  • Definition – Performing a job or assignment as well as you possibly can.
  • Mentor Student Discussion
  • All you can ever expect of your self is to do your best, no more, and no less.
  • People who fail to give their best are cheating both themselves and those who count on them.
  • There is never any good reason for not doing your best, because all it requires is that you try. We can never guarantee success, in fact great people fail a lot, because they try difficult things. The ultimate measure of success is the knowledge that you gave it all you had. Do that you will never be ashamed.
  • Doing your best means finishing the job right.
  • Doing your best means to work hard without complaint
  • Doing your best means you want to succeed.
  • Mentors and students should discuss examples of people not doing there best. How do you feel when a teammate give a halfhearted effort and your team looses? Or when your brother or sister are asked to do some chores with you and they refuse to do their part?
  • Mentors and students should discuss examples from their own life of how doing their best on some job really paid off, and the feeling of satisfaction that came with it.
  • Mentors and students should try to come up with three tasks that they can commit to “doing their best” at.
  • Group Discussion
  • PD should ask the students to define “doing your best”
  • Ask students to give several examples of how they can do there best at school or at home.
  • Summary
  • You feel good about yourself when you have done your best, regardless of whether you won or lost. There is never a good excuse for not giving something your best shot.
  • Take away line: Do you best.




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