• Introduction and Definition
  • Enthusiasm: eagerness to take on a project
  • Objective: Students should be able to explain why enthusiasm will help them to be better students.
  • Notes for Mentor-Student discussion
  • All good things require work
    • Everybody like to be successful, and the bigger the success the greater the satisfaction.
    • This is why we should want to take on challenging tasks.
  • Enthusiasm, like Cheerfulness, is an attitude. While we cannot always control our circumstances we can control our attitude.
  • Enthusiasm, the desire to take on challenging projects, not only makes us happy and our job rewarding, but it inspires others to do the same.
  • Life is full of difficult tasks that are not going to go away. We can either run from them, which will make the situation worse; or we can do them grudgingly and with a bad attitude, which will likely make us do a poor job and deprive us of any satisfactions; or we can make the best of it by seeing it as a challenge. If we do this we will more than likely succeed and be happy, but even if we do not, we will have know we did our best, which is always satisfying.
  • Can either the mentor or student give an example of how enthusiasm helped them to accomplish
  • Notes for general group discussion
  • What does it mean to be enthusiastic?
  • How might one demonstrate enthusiasm in:
    • School work
    • Sports
    • Doing chores around the house
  • Summary points
  • Enthusiasm is not only the willingness but the desire to take on challenges. Those who possess it have a big advantage over those who do not, but because it is an “attitude” no one can force us to take it.
  • Take away line: Be enthusiastic and you will accomplish many things!




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