• Introduction and Definition
  • Definition: The willingness to work hard.
  • Objective: The students should be able to define Industriousness and to give real life examples of how they can practice it.
  • Notes for Mentor-Student discussion
  • Industriousness involves the willingness to work. Industrious people demonstrate the following characteristics:
    • They hate to waste time at meaningless tasks
    • They look for opportunities to make things better
    • Once an assignment is completed they do not wait to be told to start something else.
    • They always seem to have something to do and they try to do everything well.
  • Industrious people are very attractive to employers and are usually the first ones to be promoted.
  • Industrious people use there time well
  • Industrious people normally learn more than their peers
  • Either the student or mentor should give an example of how hard work and the good use of time allowed someone to accomplish a difficult task.
  • Notes for general group discussion
  • What does Industriousness mean?
  • How could the virtue of industrialness be applied in the following areas:
    • Homework
    • Work at school
    • Sports
    • Chores
  • Summary points
  • Industriousness is best stated as the willingness to work hard. People who look for challenges usually find them first and obtain not only personal satisfaction but also respect from bosses and peers.
  • Take away line: “Make the most of your time”




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