Introduction and Definition

  • Loyalty: The willingness to stand by you through “thick and thin”
  • Objective: The students should be able to articulate what it means to be loyal and to give some practical examples of where they should practice this virtue
  • Notes for Mentor-Student discussion
  • Loyalty means standing with a person or group when doing so is difficult.
    • Is often related to justice but can go beyond
      • A loyal person does not ask “what is in it for me?”
    • A good example is in the military or on a sports team
  • Loyalty does not require that you like the other person but you recognize they need or deserve you support.
  • Loyalty requires us to do right by the other person
    • Loyalty never justifies, lying, law breaking, or hurting innocent people
    • This is because bad actions are always unjust and never really help the person.
    • It is never loyal to help a person do a bad thing!
  • Can either the mentor or student give a good example of Loyalty in their own life
  • Notes for general group discussion
  • What is Loyalty
  • How can it apply to
    • Parents
    • Friends
    • School
    • Country
  • Summary points
  • Loyalty means standing with someone in good times and in bad but never requires you to do wrong.
  • Take away line: Do Right by your friends.


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