Time Management



  • Definition: Time can be defined as the opportunity to do something
  • Student should be able to explain why the good use of time is so powerful

    Student Mentor Discussion
  • Time is a valuable commodity. Once lost, it is lost forever and can never be recovered. We can all accomplish a lot more if we learn to use our time correctly.
  • What does it mean to waste time?
    • Being lazy, not working, or working on things with no long term benefit
    • Examples:
      • TV, Video Games, Skateboarding
      • All can be good if done in moderation, but are bad if they keep you from more important things
  • What is the difference between working hard and working smart?
  • Discuss the importance of prioritizing
    • Doing the most difficult things first
    • Understand the difference between doing what is important and what is fun.
    • Why is it better to do the important things?
    • Mentors should help students prioritize and set time goals for the following
      • School
      • Recreation
      • Homework
      • Dinner
      • Sleep
  • How can planning save time?
    • Discuss keeping a schedule book
  • Discuss how to multi-task
    • When is this a good thing?
      • Combing trips
    • When is this not a good thing
      • When we need to concentrate.
  • Mentors and students should discuss times where they failed to use there time correctly
  • Mentors and students should identify at least one goal for improving their time management.

    Group Discussion
  • Why is the good use of time important?
  • How can we use our time better?
  • How can we respect other peoples time?

Program Director Summary

  • We can all accomplish a lot more if we learn to use our time well
  • Walk away line: “Time is Gold”


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